Thermocouple Extension Cable

· High quality 'K' type Thermocouple Extension Cable
· Useful for Temp. Measurement up to 1250



:Solid or Stranded conductor as per ASTM-E-230.
Chromel : Chromium - Nickel alloy as + ve leg.(non-magnetic)
Alumel : Aluminium - Nickel alloy as - ve leg. (magnetic)

Colour code


: As per ANSI MC96.1, ASTM-E-258 (Other colours available)



: Twisted pair / Flat laid



: As per the End Use or Customer need.

Range of wire


: Full range or as per Customer need.

Cable shield


: NPC wire / Stainless steel wire  / Aluminium tape

 Outer jacket


: As per End Use (Polyimide, PTFE, fibre glass etc)



Standard grade : 2.2o C (4o F) for 0 to 285o C range and 0.75% for 285o C to 1250o C
Special grade : 1.1o C(2o F) for 0 to285o C range and 0.4% 285o C to 1250o C

Applicable Spec.


MIL-DTL-5846, BS-G-215, BS-4937
PAN 75-6420 YR, M.O.S.(AIR) E.L. 1632 & EL 2013 efglass)